Friday, September 23, 2005

The Stone Circle

One of my hobbies is rock collecting. I go to places where houses are being torn down, and recycle the rocks that I find. It is an important distinction, between stealing and recycling. Stealing is too much work. You are taking other peoples property, and many object to this, sometimes with unpleasant results.
Recycling, by contrast, makes use of something which otherwise would be going into a landfill.I go out on my bicycle, find the rocks that I want, take them to the street, and come back later with a car to take them home.Right now I have two uses for these rocks…storage for future use, and a stone circle.

This is what the circle looks like.It is a 5’ radius, with an entrance at the north end and a marker at the south end.The blocks of granite behind the retaining wall are the storage stones. They are for future use. At this time, I am focused on acquisition, with utilization to follow. The primary purpose of a stone circle is to build. While it can be used for meditation or decoration, the layering of more stones on top of the existing rocks is the main practice. It should be noted that the circle is under a magnolia tree, which makes use as a fire pit impractical.That is about all there is to say.
I will leave with two thoughts:
Ecclesiastes 3:5A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together…
A Persian Saying:It is better to be on the rocks than to have Iraq on you.


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