Friday, September 23, 2005

Bike Ride

I just got in from my evening bike ride.
One of the things I like about summer is the long days, with cool twilight’s that go on forever. I got on my bike (a 10 speed japanese device) and took off around 6:30 PM.
My first stop was a yard sale. The house was a goner, gonna be torn down soon to make way for a mcmansion…. The way things go in Chamblee. I had my eye on some rocks around a pond. I asked the lady about the rocks, and she asked me to wait until she was gone. I spent a few minutes listening to her mother talk before I left.
One thing I noticed about this old lady. She was describing an incident with “a black guy” who had broken into a business she was working in. A few years ago, she would have routinely used the “N word” to describe this person. However, the mores of our culture have changed, and that sort of language is not considered polite to use in front of a stranger. I don’t know if that is progress, but it is a different standard than what I grew up with… like the way people who routinely smoked wherever and whenever they liked now automatically go outside to light up.
I went up to New Peachtree Road, driving by the DO.T. Warehouse with the big chunk of granite carved into the shape of the state of Georgia. That building used to be a carpet warehouse, and in front of it was a bridge, supported by telephone poles, that went over the railroad tracks to Peachtree Road.
At the end of New Peachtree, I stopped to watch a freight train go by. This was at the site of a grade level crossing, which was closed when the MARTA line was built. Up until the time when I was driving, this RR crossing was marked by a sign…. no flashing light, no drop bar.
I continued through Brookhaven, until I got to one of my demo sites. I got out, and gathered a load of granite, concentrating on small stones instead of the gutbuster blocks I have been getting at this site.
I got on my bike and rode home. There were no messages waiting on me. .

The picture is my bike (duh). This was taken last September, after the handlebar broke in half. You will note the right side is hanging down on top of the wheel. This was taken at my former residence, which was demolished last spring to make way for a mcmansion.


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