Saturday, December 02, 2006


Atmospheric Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins have seen clouds from both sides. Some have asked whether they came back to earth.
Clouds are a part of life of earth. Part water, part air, they are part of the water cycle. Like fire, they can be both usefull and deadly. They are seen as fuzzy, unclear, and yet without clouds the dirt in the sky will accumalate. Drive too fast in the fog and the deadly side is apparent.
The first time I posted the pics to this, I closed the window without saving the changes. That means I have a second chance to write nonsense text to go with these equally meaningful images.

Elemental Fire is another of the four elements. It may be the most earthlike of the elements. Fire is the union of earth and air, to produce heat and by products. It is regulated by water, and can be used to convert water into air, with the release of heat as a by product. If you think this is nonsense, then you shouldn't be reading it.

Pyrophilia.Many cultures worshipped fire, and indeed Fire is similar to what is called god in our culture. Fire, if properly used, can heat our homes, generate electricity, dispose of rubbish. If fire is not controlled, it can destroy. This is very much like god. The same god that makes flowers and puppies makes earthquakes and disease.
Those football fans on the tv look very silly. But not half as silly as the doowop concert/pledge drive on public tv.

Believable Of course, unlike god, fire and clouds are not a matter of belief. Anyone standing too close to a campfire has no doubt that fire does exist. Just like anyone who walks across a courtyard in a rainstorm can have no doubt as the existence of clouds. Unless, of course, they believe that rain is god taking a tinkle. Of course, it is a known fact that when god takes a tinkle, she does not flush, and she leaves the seat down.

adjustment When attitude is outlawed only outlaws will have attitude. You should not stay in bed because you are in a bad mood. You should wake up and give yourself a chance to have a good day.

Obedience Some of the pine trees featured today are from the north hill going into the playground at the nearby school. They were planted when I was in the fifth grade. They call it that because some of the older people that knew us needed a fifth on a regular basis. One day, a substitute teacher lead us back into class across that hill, after the pine seedlings had been planted. When our regular teacher got back, she chewed us out for walking across the baby trees. Of course, pine trees are the ultimate survivors of the forest, and only laugh at the children walking on top of them.

GRR: Which I always thought was rather like saying "water is wet" or "fire is hot"
PG: you know, when you say you believe something, that implies that it might not be true, and that your belief is what makes it, no one ever questions the temperature of fire or the texture of water, but plenty of people question the existence of god
GRR: Well now that's fascinating .... but I was rather confining my observation to the notion of belaboring the obvious ..... but you make a good point ... what is reality .... a collective hunch?

Murderous Attitude doesn't kill people. People kill people. It is a common saying, I dont live to work, I work to live. Now, if you substitute enjoy for work, you may have something there. But, life is not supposed to be all fun and games. Misery is an essential part of life.


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