Sunday, November 05, 2006


Butmamatried.When I first heard about the scandal, all I heard was "Haggard". I thought it was Merle Haggard Soon enough the denials started to come in, and Mr. Haggard said he bought the speed out of curiosity, but threw it away. That tells me it is a different Haggard.

Entrepreneur.Here is the site of the accuser He is 49 years old. At least Mr. Haggard is not chasing jailbait.

WhatyousayaboutothersHere is a thing I found about the affair. It seems as though Mr. Haggard is quite the promoter of anti gay electoral referenda. And now he is caught doing what he condemns.
What you thrash others, you often are talking about yourself. And when you trash others in the name of Jesus, it reflects poorly on the chrome fish guy.

amphetimite. Doesn't he look like a speed freak?


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