Sunday, November 19, 2006

one hundred

OneHundred This is post number one hundred at chamblee54.
There are also 44 posts at my alternative blog.This makes for a total of 144, which is a gross. Or is gross, depending on your outlook.
There were some hippies at my high school who thought 44 was a magic number. It was Henry Aaron's number, and does have certain qualities. 2x2x11. Eleven is two ones, which adds up to two. Don't mess with my tutu. Two bee, or not two bee.

Inthebeginning I had been interested in the concept of blogging for a while. Then, on September 21, 2005, I saw a post at FIDE-O called "stuck on stupid". I felt obliged to comment. To make the comment I needed to set up an account with blogger, and in effect I had a blog.
The comment was:
chamblee54 said...
The first commandment says " Thou shall have no other gods before me". This would seem to prohibit worshipping a text as " The word of god".

Now, this point seems pretty obvious to me. It also is apparent that the first commandment has some implications about jesus...after all, it does say "no other gods" This would seem to include the so called son of god, regardless of his ability to roll boulders away from a cave while he is deceased.
Well, the fideoites had a spirited defense of the divinity of the magic book, and a good time was had by all. Then, someone saw a picture at another blog of mine that they didn't like. I was banned from Fide-O. They win the honor of the first jesus worship blog to ban me. There have been four, of which one has allowed me back inside. The Fide-O part of the story is documented here and here

Pyromaniaburned The Falcons are playing the Baltimore Ravens as I type this. What is so scary about a bird that says "nevermore"?
Back to the first commandment. But first, another aside. If you want a coherent train of thought, go elsewhere. Of course, on the internet, you may be looking for a while.
There is a certain phrase, "Back to the Bible", that is popular in the jesus worship community. It seems to me that you can read the magic book a lot better if you are facing it, rather than having it behind your back. If you put a microphone behind your back, you might hear what other jw's are saying about you. But, if you want to read a book, you need to face it.
One of the flashier jesus worship blogs is Pyromaniacs They recently banned me, after I said "Good Grief. Soon it will be time to talk about Santa Claus. Ho Ho Ho."
There is a lively debate there now.
It is over the arcane subject of " Is Jesus Lord?". There is lots of speculation about life after death and reading between the lines of the bible. Pretty standard stuff.
Now, the big dog blogger there had said that he would cut off comments after 400. (There used to be a group in Ancient New York called the 400. It was the elite of society. It was called the 400 because that was the number of people who could fit in some society poobah's ballroom)

FourHundred While writing this piece, I opened that post to get the link, and I noticed that they were on comment 398. I hit refresh and it went to 399. Then I went to the comment box, and entered comment 400:
If you are curious as to whether Jesus is God, check the First Commandment..." Thou shall have no other God Before you" This should answer your questions, as well as any concerns about Catholic texts being "The word of God".

ThreeHundred Some day I will have 400 posts at Chamblee54. There is talk of extending the Chamblee Georgia boundaries, which currently stop at the back of my back yard. This is the same fence I leaned over when I took the picture of my "better side" that got me banned at Fide-O.
The 54 refers to the year I was born. 1954 baby boys were too young for the Vietnam Draft, which I think is great.
Ron Howard was born in 1954. When you see Opie in Mayberry, that is what I looked like.
Roger Bannister ran the first sub four minute mile on the day I was born. At 4:44 am. Daddy called the church choir director at 6am to reserve a spot in the cherub choir.
This was at Georgia Baptist Hospital. It is down the street from the City Zoo and the Federal Prison. It is on Boulevard. Monroe Drive turns into Boulevard at Ponce de Leon Avenue, because that was the line between where the white and black people lived.
I never went to Studio54, although I would have liked to

Laterintheday The thread on the "lordship" debate is up to 410 comments. Comment 400 was deleted without comment. The big dog blogger is acting like it never happened.
This is always a good strategy to use. If someone raises an issue you don't want to deal with, just ignore it.

StatusQuoAnteBellum I was alienated from jesus when I started blogging. I came by that opinion honestly, and sincerely think that God is not going to send me to hell because I lived with a bunch of hateful jesus worshipping loudmouths. My mind has not been changed by exposure to jesus worship bloggers.
Meanwhile, I have been bingeing on photoshop to illustrate this edition, and see everything as though it was highlighted and tweaked. Maybe it is time to get some dinner, post the pictures and text, and get ready for work tomorrow. That is one problem that will not go away if you ignore it...unless you really ignore it, in which case you are looking for another job.

Therestofthestory There is so much more to life than religion. When I started this blog, I made a list of possible post subjects, and was dismayed to see that a majority was about religion. While this is not completely negative...I have definite ideas, and don't really worry about all the naysaying jesus worshippers. In fact, when you realize that God is in everything and about everything, then anything in life is religion.
I have developed a style to my blog. I like to include pictures, and the pictures don't always have anything to do with the text. I like to watch TV/videos while I am downloading images. Now it is "60 Minutes", which I haven't seen in ages. One of the features was about illegal immigration, and it is sure to be discussed on the radio talk shows tomorrow. It will be interesting to know a bit about what they are talking about. It is ironic. These radio talkers call themselves conservative, and say they are opposed to government regulation. Of course, when it comes to illegal immigration, they are demanding more government regulation. This is much like the way they want a smaller government, but support occupation army eight time zones away in Babylon.

BroadwayJoe The last segment of "60 Minutes" was about Joe Namath. He has a book coming out, and he was baring his soul to the reporter.
I saw "Broadway Joe" in person once. When the super bowl was in Atlanta in 1994, Macy's downtown had some former players make an appearance. Joe was one, along with Gale Sayers ( who looked high), Ray Nitzche ( still bald and difficult to spell) and Fred Biletnikoff . I saw Joe walking into the room...he didn't walk too well. After all those knee injuries, it is a marvel he could walk at all. It is a devils for the glory and the money, but pay with pain in your body the rest of your life. Sort of like telling your "sad" tale in exchange for a book plug.
Joe Namath was a bad example for youth when I was a kid. For that, I will always be grateful.


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