Tuesday, June 19, 2007

traffic report

I don’t have anything to say, but I am going to use fancy technology to say it.
The fretting about technology goes way back. Homer is quoted as saying, “when we begin to write, we will lose our ability to remember”
It is like the time I pulled up to a red light, and looked at the car next to me. There were four people in it, and each was talking on a cell phone. Whatever happened to talking to the people that you are with?
Or maybe it is a communication thing. Recently, I have been having conversations with G-d when I am at a red light next to the Big Chicken. The other day, I turned down the radio traffic report as I slowed to the stop.
“Hey G-d, wassup?”
““Don’t worry about me, listen to the traffic report”

7:36:26 PM
Sometimes the last steps are the steepest.
There was one fed x label left to print when the computer had an attitude problem. Instead of being done at 515, I left at 600. Then, the roads were backed up, and my half hour commute took an hour.
But I got home.
There was one comment on the radio today that stuck. A talker was discussing the situation in Iraq. We have gone there and liberated them from Saddam. Why don't
they show more progress in setting up a democratic government ?
His answer:
" That is like cutting a man's legs off below the knees, and saying, hey I gave you some new sneakers, why can't you run faster?"
America has created a mess in Babylon. But you know that. If we leave there is carnage. If we stay there is carnage. Some are saying that now we will need 40k troops in there for the next fifteen years.
The situation in Gaza is similar. The people there were the subject of a brutal occupation by Israel. The fact that this is only marginally better than the way they were treated when governed by Egypt is irrelevant to the rabble rousers. Ditto the exploitation of the Palestineans by the Arab nations.
So Israel decides to pull out, after doing little to prepare these people to govern themselves. There is an election between Al Fatah ( the Yassir Arafat organization) and Hamas. The people of Gaza are tired of the corruption of Al Fatah, and they choose Hamas. Why is anyone surprised?
We gave you some new sneakers, why can't you run faster?
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
fatah- faith fatal
Yassir- easier, sassier, gasser, passer
Arafat- Aright, abaft, afar, craft, draft graft, kraft
hamas- hammers, hams, whams, hermosa, harass

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