Wednesday, May 16, 2007

it comes to an end

As I write this, the corpse du jour belongs to Jerry Falwell. The media, as they are prone to do, is chattering about this event.
I don't have many good things to say about the man. However, trashing someone who is recently deceased is in bad taste.

A few years ago, a mass murderer was about to be executed. A local radio station had a party to celebrate, and the wife of a co worker baked a cake (decorated with a drawing of a frying egg) to celebrate the man's date with the electric chair. While I have no sympathy for psycho killers, the happiness at this state facilitated homicide left me with an uneasy feeling.
I don’t think any of his victims came back to life after the execution, although some of the families might have felt "closure".
The point is, all human beings are children of G-d, and should be treated with the love and respect that this entitles them to.
(Thank you Kurt Vonnegut)
Two wrongs do not make a right.

One of the radio whiners was asking today who Mr. Falwell hurt. He hurt Jesus.
He made the legacy of Jesus into a political tool, and alienated a lot of people. He created ill will for Jesus.
This whiner also says that liberals are dancing on Mr. Falwell's grave now, and that this is proof of the intolerance of secular leftism. Good Grief. Some people can politicize anything. Of course, the recently departed politicized Jesus.

One intriguing bit of information to came out today. Larry Flint is claiming to be a friend of Mr. Falwell. I find this interesting, because it is strictly Mr. Flint’s word, spoken after the demise of Mr. Falwell. While it is possible, I have my doubts.
I also sense that Mr. Flint and Mr. Falwell had more in common than in difference.
HT to centurion.
No word on whether Mr. Falwell settled his differences with Tinky Winky.

There is a lot of speculation now as to whether Mr. Falwell is going to heaven or hell. This is one of the more repulsive features of Jesus Worship, this obsession with life after death.
When someone hurts someone in this life, and you cannot get revenge on him, the idea is that
G-d will get revenge for you.
The prospect of another human being baking in hell to does not make me happy.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Falwell- falafel, fall, fallible, flannel, flail, flawless, flagella, flaw
tinky- tinny tiny sticky inky dinky
winky-wince windy wink

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