Sunday, June 03, 2007

charisma and tree stumps

Once upon a time, The Tonight Show was broadcast from New York. This was back when I was in High School, was watching television regularly, and staying up to see Johnny Carson was a big deal.
There was a man in the band named Tommy Newsome. ( I hope that is spelled correctly) He was the stand-in band leader, when Doc Severinson was getting fitted for new clothes. Johnny Carson would say that Mr. Newsome had been in Central Park that afternoon, taking charisma lessons from a tree stump.Ed MaMahon laughed.

That was a few years ago. The Tonight Show moved to California. I am afraid to think of what the Burbank version of "Taking Charisma Lessons from a tree stump in Central Park" would be. Of course, Mr. Carson has retired, both from the show and from life. No word on Mr. Newsome, or the tree stump.Ed McMahon laughed.

In the intervening years, as I ponder my path through Life, the thought has occured to me " Can I learn charisma from a tree stump? Would I have to go to Central Park to do so? Why does Ed McMahon think this is funny?"
Today, I am too slack to look up the word charisma. It has something to do with star quality and the ability to attract attention. It is said that Adolf Hitler had Charisma. After seeing films of him speak, I gotta wonder about that. Anybody acting like that in America would be laughed off the stage, with all those fey hand gestures.

There is another use of the word. Charismatic refers to Jesus Worshippers who think they recieve special messages from G-d. This manifests in talking in tongues and other forms of behavior. Could it be that tree stumps are recieving messages from God? Was Johnny Carson a part of this cult? Why was Tommy Newsome smiling? Was Burbank more spiritual than Central Park?
Ed McMahon laughed.


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