Sunday, July 08, 2007

morning glories

The plan was to meet Flap( and hopefully more people) at Sweetwater Creek State Park at 9am. It was raining when I left, but I decided to push ahead and see what the road had in store for me. Getting to the road I have taken to the park before, the map suddenly does not make sense. What looks like the way to the park is a dirt road that goes nowhere. Back and forth up the road, until I decide to take another route to the park. I finally make it there at 9:49. At least the rain is stopped, and the cloud cover will keep the sun from being obnoxious. Of course, Flap is no where to be seen. I leave a note on his car and head down the path.
There is a feeling of elation for a city dweller who suddenly finds himself surrounded by trees. Just walking down the trail to the creek made me feel as though the efforts of the morning had been worthwhile.
After a few minutes to ruins of the factory came into sight. Now, the story of this factory is available, but I believe it has something to do with those evil yankees burning it during the war between the states. I got some pics, and brick is a photoshop favorite.
After the factory, there are a bunch of rocks in the creek. I mean, a bunch, and with the low water levels you can walk pretty much wherever you want. This is where I caught up with Flap.
I climbed carefully over some rocks to where Flap was. I had my everyday shoes on, and really did not want to soak them in sewagecreek water. That, and the realization that those rocks can be very slick, and if I slipped on one I could not expect a smooth landing. But I made it to the middle of the creek intact, and Flap and I had a nice little visit.
He said that he had seen a book about blogs titled " No one cares what you had for Lunch".
I saw some morning glories on a nearby rock, and carefully made my way over to take a few pics. Eventually we made it back to shore, and went a bit further downstream to a "waterfall overlook". There are some bright red signs all over the place now, which apparently is connected to a book, which uses the numbers on the signs to tell you what you are looking at. Flap thought the signs were annoying, and I commented they would look better after the colors faded a bit.
One thing I like about morning hikes is having the afternoon my case, to nap. The weekends are seldom as productive as we may prefer.
On the way back, I got lost again. I stopped in a cemetary to look at the map, and saw some pictures to take.
The rain stayed away, I got some good pics, and I didn't step on a slick rock. That is a good trip to the park.


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