Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Moloudzadeh Update


Makwan Moloudzadeh is back in the spotlight.
Yesterday, I got a comment to a post, "The Search for Makwan Moloudzadeh". The comment, from "Anonymous" was a link to a report that the death sentence on Mr. Moloudzadeh had been reinstalled.
What is interesting about this is the post was on two blogs...Chamblee54 and my Alternative Blog, which is not safe for work. The comment was made to the NSFW blog.
A further synchronicity is my curiosity about Mr. Moloudzadeh yesterday. I looked on google, and saw no new reports. My post is number four from the top.
I wondered at the time what the true motivation for executing Mr. Moloudzadeh was. I suspect that he offended some powerful people, and the charge of lavat as a teenager was a handy excuse to off him. I continue to suspect this, and to suspect the entire campaign to save him. If you look at that link, you see a drawing of a heart. The word we (in English) is above it and the name Makwan at the bottom. Is this a common symbol in Iran?

Now, if he is truly being executed at age 21 for a sex act performed at the age of 13, then that is an outrage and disgrace on a number of levels. If the Government is using this as a handy excuse to off an enemy of the state, or merely someone who offended a person in power, then this is also wrong and should be loudly condemned.

There are two more layers of coincidence here. One involves an Atlanta Blogger, who I will call Mr. Content, or MC. I left a comment at MCs' page yesterday about Mrs. Slickwillie, our potential future Presidentess. In my first draft, I was going to make an off topic comment about Makwan Moloudzadeh, and whether or not MC had heard anything more about him and his fate. When I wrote the comment, I deleted the off topic part.
The second coincidence is the NIE report of Iran's nuclear program that was released yesterday. There had been much speculation that this report, and the Iranian nuclear program which it concerned, was going to justify an attack on Iran. At the time of MCs' original post about Makwan Moloudzadeh, I speculated that the concern about Mr. Moloudzadeh was part of the buildup to this war. Now, it appears that the movement to nuke Iran has suffered a setback. And Makwan Moloudzadeh has a date with the hangman.

Update to the Update: According to MC, the sentence was carried out at 5am Iran time Wednesday.This would put the hanging at 9pm Eastern Time Tuesday Night.
The entire story may never be known.
This is a sad moment.

MC made a comment at my blog yesterday. It regards a feature I published about a teddy bear in Sudan. It seems that some of the local population was disturbed by this critter. I made the comment" At least they believe". MC was not pleased.
Now, belief in and of itself is not always a good thing. There are two things to remember here about the verb believe.
Believe is a seven letter word. The middle three letters of this word are LIE.
The first three words of the soliloquy by Miss Teen Age South Carolina are "I personally believe”.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

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