Thursday, November 15, 2007

less intelligent than a young goat

Iranian fashion icon Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done it again.
Speaking of those who disagree with him, he opined
”The whole world has been created for that holy day to occur [the Islamic Armageddon]. The day in which all the prophets and martyrs and good people will arrive and will help. Some people ridicule this. They have no faith in their hearts. These are modern idolaters and devil worshipers. They pretend to be intellectuals but are in fact less intelligent than a young goat.”
On a lighter note, Barry Bonds was indicted for perjury. Now, lying under oath is not a good idea, but why on earth was a federal grand jury investigating steroids in sports?
This reminds me of the trouble our future first philanderer got in a few years ago. Now, lying about having an affair was not socially acceptable, but why was a grand jury investigating that? It just makes you wonder why Hillary wants the job now.

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