Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reply From BOORTZ

When I got home friday, there was a bulky envelope with no return address. I more or less knew what it was before I opened it.
Inside the envelope were the gift cards, my letter, and a note from "BOORTZ". The note is reproduced above.
This was my reply:

I received my gift cards back in the mail today.
I got a note saying that I need to “ learn something about giving”.
I did. When you offer a gift, it is not always wanted.

The cards I sent have been piling up unused. While I did not go to any effort to buy them, I did package them and send them. I felt that what you were going to do with the troops was worthwhile, and I wanted to help.
While making this donation, I felt obligated to tell the painful truth. Mr. Boortz has made a career of loudly saying provocative things. He can dish it out but He cannot take it.

I think anyone who gives has known to have your gift rejected.
To have it not be good enough, and returned with a snide note.
I have heard reports about wounded troops asked to repay their signing bonus. I have also heard about inadequate care they are receiving. They have given a lot more than I have.
Mr. Boortz has the right to say whatever he pleases. This right was secured for him by the sacrifices of our soldiers. He can beat the drums of war all he wants, and many will cheer him on.
I would just like to know the truth about what happened to him when he was draft age, and we were losing 100 men a week in Vietnam. (An estimated 88% of those fatalities were conscripted soldiers)
That is the painful truth.



Blogger Zippity-dew-daw said...

Did you not receive my last two comments about Boortz and his lack of military service? If you didn't, e-mail me and I'll send you the info,

1:35 PM  
Blogger chamblee54 said...

zzd- Thanks for stopping by.
I only recieved one comment. It featured a link to a site by John Sugg. I read an article by Mr. Sugg regarding the non service of Mr. Boortz in the fall of 2005.
Truth be known, I am not really that interested. I just made the comment when I sent Mrs. Boortz the gift cards...with the idea that they would be given to wounded veterans. As appalled as I am by the war, the wounded veterans do deserve attention, and a handful of unused gift cards is not a great sacrifice. I the silence of Mr. Boortz on this issue to be very informative, not to mention entertaining.

6:42 PM  

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