Monday, September 26, 2005

sunday morning

It is another Sunday morning.
I finally got up around 8:30, in time to say hi to my brother as he leaves the house to go to church.
I don’t really have much to say. I think I will take some pictures of myself.
The first place I found to set up was on the front porch. The front of the house faces west, so direct sunlight would not be a problem in the morning. Today there is a layer of clouds, so the lighting should work.
The first step is to put an orange sticker behind where my head is going to be. This will give me something to focus on Since the porch is only a few feet wide, the tripod will be close to the “talent”, unlike my previous efforts at self portraiture, when I was in the driveway at my old residence. After looking at the angle I will have to use on the tripod, I decide to bring a stool out and sit down for these images.
The first image of the day is an unfocused impulse. I was fitting the camera in the tripod, and before I turned the equipment around to face the wall I took an extreme close up.

The first round of pictures went well. The only problem was that I set the zoom too high and was cutting off part of the face. After I downloaded the pix and reviewed them, I saw this and resolved to correct it on the next round.

There are two types of settings here. One is the normal use of the flash; the other is no flash used.
The flash tends to put more red in the image, and simply does not work with glasses.

No flash tends to burn the image more, make everything grayer, and in some instances burn whole parts of the image out

During the second round, I got tired of the front porch, and began to look for another set. The one I settled on was on the fence along the back line of the back yard…which, btw, is the Chamblee city limit, and the dividing line between two zip codes.
After a few shots back here, I realized that all of the neighbors were gone, at least the two on the sides and across the street (who could see what I was doing if he was there). Alas, I could not withstand the temptation.
When I was reviewing the images later, I saw that the best smiling shot of me without my glasses was cut off at the top of the head. I proceeded to take the tripod and camera back onto the porch for one more round.


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