Thursday, September 07, 2006

pork bellies

An esteemed bloggista is going on vacation next week.
In his penultimate post, he made this statement:
"One more post this week, and then I'm off to cause terrible woe for innkeepers and commoditizers of religion. I'm sure it'll be relaxing."
Some people will do anything to have a good time.
The verb-ization of commodity has always intrigued me. The first time I encountered it was a guest editorial in the local fishwrapper . A purveyor of trendy clothing had produced a series of ads that some said glorified child molesters. An earnest young lady ( who worked in the same building as myself) wrote a commentary in which she said these ads "commoditized" young people. She spelled correctly the name of the trendy clothing peddler.

When I saw this protest, my first thought was about "commoditized". Was it pronounced co MAH da tee or co MOD a tee? Do these ads make a commodity of young people, or a commode? is there really a difference?
This question applies to "commoditizers of religion". The fact that the bloggista in question is the owner of a christian bookstore ( and a relentless online merchandiser) only ads to the fun. I rather doubt that my neighbor was posing for cheesy ads for trendy bluejeans.


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