Sunday, August 13, 2006

final assembly

8/12/2006 12:59:52
Warning: The following text is long and self indulgent. If you would prefer to download pornography, read between the lines of the bible, or whine about the government.... morally equivalent choices...then go elsewhere. You should have no trouble finding satisfaction.
Today, I am starting the final assembly of the LT image. I got started after work a few nights this week, mostly by cutting out tiles to go in rows one and two, and in printing my backup sheets.
The backup sheets are an important part of the process. Stickers come with backing paper, that is, wax paper on one side and bond paper on the other. This allows the sticker to be stored until it is time to apply it.
This backing paper can be run through a copier. I print the image, reverse reading, on the bond side. I then put the sticker on the wax side and cut out the desired part. I did this at a Kinko's thursday night. I have done it at work before, but I am not familiar with the current small format machines at work, and don't know if they even take 11x17 sheets.

Plywood, cardboard, and a utility shelf have seldom been put to better use. This is my worktable. Headset telephone, hole punch, stapler, straight edge, pencil. pocket knife, box knife, cutting cardboard, template.... these are all important tools. In the back are the tiles I cut out this week.
This picture was taken after I cleared off the table and put a fresh sheet of cardboard on top. It is not usually this neat.

Luminescence. This lightbox is where the image is assembled.
This box was thrown away at a shop I worked in. I took it home and fixed it.
The base of the image is on it. A 17x22 sheet of drafting film, the pattern for the image is taped to the back. Opaque tape defines the edges of the image.

Promotion and Publicity. This poster was thrown away by a record store in 1971, when those were all current releases.
I saw the movie "Performance" once. Mick needs to stick to singing. I was working downtown when he was filming a movie called "Free Jack". I saw the chair with his name stenciled on it. The movie, or at least what I saw on tv, was horrible. There is a chase scene where a speeding car takes a right turn onto a street under the viaduct on the Georgia State campus. What the viewer does not know is that the street, in real life, is about fifty feet long.
But then, image is everything. When the sixty something grandfather can make a living as a teenage rebel, you know we are living in strange times.

Receptacle for bits of trash paper, this coffee can plays a vital role in the production process.

Selftimer is a dangerous feature.

Correcttime twice a day.
This clock was given to me by a dear friend, who became a statistic in 1992. After a while I got tired of feeding it batteries, and I set it at 01:51. This is the time that timepieces are set at when they are photographed for advertisements. (The other magic time is 10:09). While this does project a welcoming image, the question arises...are all timepiece ads shot at 01:51 or 10:09 (with the second hand at 35), or, are the watch peddlers lying?
If they don’t tell time accurately when they are advertised, how can they be trusted when they are in use?

Postalusefullness. The mailman is bringing me a check.
I look forward to going on a real payroll and not depending on a staffing service to bring me a check. With any luck at all I can get direct deposit.

Leftovers. I have been cutting out orange pieces this morning. I usually work one color at a time, and then move on to the next. These scraps will be used for the model of my next project.


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ABout your comment in, indeed your reaction is that of a nonbeliever...
Don't get me wrong, its neither a personally offensive thing or anything like that,
I just hope you can consider or have considered Christianity without regards to how fashionable or unfashionable it is
Thank you for allowing me to share my 2 cent

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