Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the bomb and I

Centurion is a man of many words.
He recently posted a commentary on Iran, her president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Mike Wallace, and the nuclear bomb. Which of those four items has produced the most radiation?
Mr. 'Turion asks a few questions, possibly in the spirit of recreational sarcasm. Since I am blogger non grata with him, I sent him an email with an answer to one of his questions.
Centurion:"Now ask yourself: "Why does he want a nuclear bomb if he believes what he is saying?"
Chamblee 54:
"Why does Iran want a nuclear bomb "?
In 1980 an ally of the United States (Iraq) invaded Iran. A ghastly war raged for the next eight years, leaving over 1,000,000 Iranian soldiers dead.
Iran shares borders with Pakistan and Turkmenistan. These are potentially belligerent nations.
Pakistan and Turkmenistan have the bomb.
Iran has a alliance/enemy relationship with Israel (Remember the Iran contra cocaine affair? Israel was the middleman in those deals) Currently, Iran is talking a lot of hatred for Israel, which is being reciprocated by Israel.
Israel has the bomb.
Iran shares borders with Syria and Afghanistan. Both of these are unstable, potentially hostile regimes.
While Syria and Afghanistan are not believed to have nuclear weapons, the potential for trouble with these two countries is great.
Iran is currently being threatened by the United States. This is despite the fact that the United States has done Iran a favor by deposing its enemy, Saddam Hussein.
The United States has an occupation army next door to Iran.
The United States has the bomb. Lots of them, and is led by a government that just might be crazy enough to use them.
There is a civil war raging on Iran’s border. Iran's Shiite co religionists are in daily mortal combat with Sunnis.
The Kurdish people are clamoring for an independent Kurdistan. If this ever happens, you can expect hostile actions from Turkey.
Iran’s government is hostile. Its proxy war with Israel is despicable.
However, If you consider the above facts you can see why Iran might want the bomb.
One more thing. In the late seventies Iran was crawling with CIA agents. And yet, a massive revolution hit, the Shah was deposed, and the United States was caught completely by surprise. Why?
The C.I.A. agents in Iran were not concerned with Iran. They were there to spy on the Soviet Union, across the border. These were the days of massive neo warfare against the Soviet empire. While we were concerned about the commies across the border, Iran was tumbling into chaos, and we didn't have a clue.
The following is an addendum. This was not in the initial email, but does address an issue raised by the initial commentary.
Centurion:"When someone is either this self-deceived or this willing to openly lie, there is no reasoning with him."
Chamblee 54: Are you referring to George Bush or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?


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