Sunday, October 01, 2006

unwired saturday

FictionalAccount.Well, this was going to start with a link to neo prodigy .When I last visited his site, he had a short story about how he crashed after a hard day, and woke up at the beach with a friend. When I went to the site to get this link, the story had been taken down.
My story is similar, but it happened as reported. I got home friday with a 70% headache and what seemed like a bug. I went to bed early, and got up at 7:30 Saturday.
I started breakfast, and came in the back to cut the computer on. The blue light shined for about a second and then went out. Nothing worked...unplugging/plugging the cord, the 115/230 switch, cursing, prayer... it was time to go to the shop.

RescueWarranty.I get to the shop a few minutes after 10, when the opened. The parking lot was full. Apparently, Saturday is computer repair day.
They looked in the sales computer, found my name, and told me that it was under warranty.
When I called back at 3pm, they had installed a new power source, and there was a ticket saying n/c on the machine.
The name of this fine company is Delta Computers .They are in an unpretentious building next to a home depot in Doraville.
I also made good use of the unwired time. I had a tall stack of bills, statements, pay statements, and the other paperwork of life. It is now in a box, with a lot of envelopes and ads thrown away. There is a picture about to be finished. Alas, the mosquitos have not left the backyard, so the vines still rule.


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