Saturday, October 07, 2006

shirley and margie

The following is a letter I sent to talk radio gabber Mike Gallagher. He recently introduced Ann Coulter at a fundraising dinner here for the Christian Coalition.

I listened to part of your show today. ( I am a local delivery driver and can only hear bits and pieces)
You were talking about democrat sex scandals, as a way of excusing the mark foley fiasco.
1- Multiple democrat wrongs do not make a republican right. Even if Ted Kennedy is involved.
Of course, if abortion had been legal in 1969, Miss Kopechne might be alive today.
2- The more you talk about this the longer the issue will be in the public eye. He who excuses himself accuses himself. When you talk about the demo sexcapades, people will know that you are really talking about mark foley.
3- Maybe it is the repubs who want to talk about this instead of the issues. After all, the war is a disaster, the budget deficit is out of control, and our nation is not safer today than it was before 9 I believe I heard you say today ( excuse me if it was someone else on the "whine sampling" Sometimes I have a tough time telling y'all apart. You are at an advantage though, because the only other political talker on in Atlanta at your time is rush druggie limbaugh)( or is that lush ruggie dimbaugh?)
4- I listened to a few minutes of the Phelps sisters last week. I was grateful to be kept working inside for most of that hour, and was not tempted to listen to more.
Shirley and Margie are not to be confused with surely goodness and mercy.
5- Was it you or Medved who was recently whining about the lack of decency in everyday life? Whichever it was, the station in Atlanta that carries both of you regularly has ads for herbal remedies that "improve sexual performance."
Too bad they couldn't have played one of those ads when Shirly and Margie were on. But then, they may have. I feel certain that you have little control over the ads the local stations carry.
6- I am going to post this on my blog,


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