Wednesday, October 04, 2006

no accident

There are times when the only appropriate response is to shout a few cusswords and turn the radio off. It is best not to have an accident if you do this while driving.
One such moment was this morning. On the radio was a syndicated local, whose first name rhymes with squeal. Our host was interviewing the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert. (If he were to go into the ministry, he could be Pastor Hastert.) Squeal asked the Speaker if it was fair to harass Mark Foley, after the Gary Studds affair. That is not an exact quote and there may have been something about fairness in the mix. Of course, fair is a baseball hit between first and third base.
Of course, there are a few differences in the two incidents. The congressman from Massachusetts with the porn star name met his boyfriend/page in 1983. That was 23 years ago. Since then, we have the internet, the symbiotic use of "Christian Conservatives" by the Republican party, a few trillion added to the national debt (which was still in the billions in 1983), The Contract on America, Fox news, , a president impeached.... the list goes on and on.The world is different today. I dare say Mr. Studds would not be getting an easy ride today The big thing is the cynical attempt by the Gross Old Pervert party to position itself as the watchdogs of America's moral well being...all while promoting a war in Iraq. The fact that Mr. Foley had an entertaining cyber trail didn't help his cause either.

Defoliation.Isn't Defoliate something we did in Vietnam? I believe it involved dumping chemicals on a jungle to clear the leaf cover, and allow us to see the enemy troops underneath. I believe that is what Agent Orange was used for. Of course, now congress has be de-foley-ated.

Conspiracies. Bob Woodward was on the airwaves the past few days hawking a book called "State of Denial". (Mr. Foley is from Florida, which may well be the State of Denial). Back to Mr. Woodward. Could it be that the White House leaked the IM to the press, to take attention away from what a disaster the war has become?
Of course, this is going to hurt the repugnant party. Why would W do something this dimwitted? Just remember that this is the same President who did not anticipate the insurgency, who thought our conquering army would be greeted as liberators.

AntiCatholic. Why are commenters assuming that the clergyman who molested Mr. Foley was a priest?


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