Wednesday, December 06, 2006

humbug part one

secularism What is so bad about a secular Christmas? Give gifts, go to parties, show kindness and courtesy to neighbors, and visit your family. Why does everything have to be about Jesus?

Pagantheft Scholars say that jesus was probably born in spring. Of course, when the early church was looking to replace the pagans, they hit on the idea of a birth celebration for jesus at the time of the winter solstice. Yule had been a pagan party, and the catholic killjoys decided to steal it for jesus. "Reason for the Season"...bah humbug.

waronchristmas The religious nature of xmas has always been easy to overlook. Yes, the carols have intense religious undertones ( "to save us all from satan's power when we had gone astray"...indeed) Yes, as I got more and more alienated from jesus, I still enjoyed the decorations, the good cheer, the time off from work. But then Bill O' about catholic killjoys...said there was a war on christmas. It is not enough to have a culture dominated by jesus worship, to have church donations tax deductible, to have an official holiday devoted to the birth of jesus. No, that is not good enough. B.O. wants everyone to celebrate Christmas the same way he does.
Boy, does that ever speak highly of jeeziepoo.


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