Thursday, May 03, 2007

all the way home

Going to lunch at 1145 does not work. It makes the afternoon last way too long. Of course, there is nothing to be done, except maybe think of a clever name for the stupidvisor at fault.
The Internet is dull today. In Jesus Worshipper circles, the controversy du jour is a preacher in Seattle who made a video about church growth, where he said that young men like to have sex. This is obvious to many of us. Remember, this cult worships the product of virgin birth.

The site I linked to is a notorious bandwidth hog, and makes the computer I use at lunch crash. This can be very embarrassing...for obvious reasons. When I looked at things at home later, I found a doozie of a personality conflict going on in the comments of "All about Me". Just in time for National Prayer day.
Maybe it is time to trash Jesus Worshippers. They love to pray, usually with as many people as possible entertained. If prayer is talking to g-d, and meditation is listening to g-d, what are we to make of people who never stop talking ,but are too busy to listen?
On a partially related front, a former employer of mine was fond of saying "this is not a me company, this is a we company." All about we.

Slate is a place to look on a slow day. Today's blogs presents a view of how bloggers view some of the hot topics of the day, and can be the gateway to some fun reading.
Halfway down the page, there was a link..."The worst presidential TV appearance ever" with a picture of Richard Nixon beside it. The blogs will have to wait.
Alas, the piece is a review of a play, "Frost/Nixon". Now, I saw the real thing...the David Frost interview with Tricky Dick. While it didn't have the emotional subtlety of his appearance on "Laugh In" (Sock it to me), or the pathos of " I am not a crook", the Frost-bite did elicit the admission that " I let the people down", or words to that effect. This is as close to an admission of guilt as we are ever going to get out of that Republican.
The interview also lacked the insight into the human condition supplied by "That Was The Week That Was". Mr. Frost should have quit while he was still funny.
It is tough for someone who was not around in 1974 to appreciate the spectacle of the Nixon Administration. The joy of "wallowing in watergate" is tough to explain. The sight of a popular president brought down by his own stupidity and paranoia was great entertainment.
Would we really have been better off if Hubert Humphrey had been elected in 1968?
While I am posting this, I am eating some take out hamburgers from "Checkers".
It was speculated that the reason for Mr. Nixon's nastiness was sexual incompetence...that he was impotent and frustrated, and working out his issues on asian peasants with napalm. This would tie in with the current flap about the preacher in Seattle, and provide a contrast to the other impeachment of our era. To have gone from Tricky Dick to Slick Willie...such is the path of governance.
There is a scandal in our current presidency, and a lady named Monica is involved. This Monica is taking the fifth amendment, and not saying anything about her role in this guiltfest. It has been observed that this President is being troubled by a young lady named Monica...only this one is keeping her mouth shut.
Spell check:
precher...preacher, prettier, praetor
doozie...dose, dozy
wee wee...peewee, were, woe, weenie, wee, weed, week , weep
sublety...suatability, subtlety, sublet, sublets
watergate...wattage, aswan assign, assail, arian, avial, erosion, basin, assay, assignee, as, ace


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