Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus conspiracy

Was Don Imus set up?
There is something about this whole affair that just doesn’t add up. The man is a “shock jock”, who traffics in outrageous sayings. Why is this any different?
Here is my theory. The ratings for his show were down, and the station owners wanted to get rid of him. However, he had an ironclad contract, and could not be easily disposed of. So, they wait until he says something offensive, and when he does, the appropriate media loudmouths are alerted. A firestorm erupts, protests and boycotts are threatened, and Mr. Imus is out of a job.
Of course, he has a few coins saved up, and can probably write a book about the whole thing, or , after a decent interval, get another show.
Meanwhile, a few more Americans die in Babylon, the national debt goes up a few billion dollars, the price of oil from Asian dictatorships goes up,American Idol is being ruined, and the tongue waggers stateside are talking about Don Imus and a women’s basketball team.
Spell check…
Imus.. imbues, IOUs, ICUs, imps
Waggers…wagers wages
Womens…women’s omens



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