Thursday, April 26, 2007

hit me in the hokie

Mr. Boortz,
I have heard your whining today about the New York Times. They said some unfortunate "bumper" music on your show was "his choice".
Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
Ok, maybe Royal and an automated system chose the music. That does not matter to the listening audience. To them, YOU are the show, and you need to be responsible for the contents.
If the NY Times were to print a correction, it would only focus attention about how you do not take responsibility for the contents of your show, but go whining about Liberal attacks on talk radio when there is a problem
BTW, you might consider getting a bumper music program where you can screen the music.
On a lighter note, the other day you were discussing the mental problems of a Korean mass killer. At the program break, WSB ran a promo spot about your "personality disorder". While the Liberal media may have missed it, I thought it was amusing.
You were whining again today about the New York Times. You even had a caller say it was unfair, there is a liberal in California that plays clever bumper music and no one complains.
This is bad form. You need to quit whining and accept responsibility for your show.
I have been paying attention to your bumper music. Yesterday, you followed a discussion about the FairTax(tm) with "Stuck in the middle with you" by Stealer's Wheel. That is a poetic computer system you have there.
I am posting this letter at my blog. Blogging is talk radio without the busy signal. For more details, go to


There is a lot of chatter these days about "defeat" in Iraq. Some are calling a certain crowd the "defeatocrats".
As it now stands, we have a military force eight time zones away. This force is consuming large amounts of blood, oil, and money.
If we keep the force there, it will cause ill will for America, cause civilians to die, prop up a questionable regime, and bring benefits to Iran...none of which is earning America a return on its vast investment.
If we withdraw the force, it will cause ill will for America, cause civilians to die, and bring benefits to Iran... none of which will earn America a return on its vast investment.
In other words, we are stuck. We are like a heroin addict, who keeps shooting vast amounts of money and drugs , only to ward off withdrawal pains. We are caught between Iraq and a hard place.
We cannot stay. We cannot withdraw. That sounds like defeat to me, and we are already there.

Typically, I steam potatoes and corn for breakfast. While I am eating the corn and half the potatoes, I steam some greens, which becomes lunch, along with the rest of the potatoes.
If that sounds dull, don't worry. I am not going to share. McDonalds is always ready to take your money and rot your innards.
So, that leaves a pot of water, with vegetable innards steamed into it. Tonight, I heated this, and cooked a Pasta Dish. Something called Tomato Parmesan, which I have never tried before.
The sauce is delicious.
The pasta is angel hair spaghetti, which is a giant pain to eat.
Why can't all pasta be a spoon size noodle? It is so much easier to eat, rather than the ordeal of fitting spaghetti onto a spoon. Also, noodles are spelled the way it looks, and spaghetti makes no spelling sense at all.

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