Tuesday, May 08, 2007

fort dix six

After going to bed early last night, and waking up feeling like fertilzer, it was only a matter of time before the events of the world brought cheer into my life.
The first clue that the world was (dys) functioning as always was a picture of Queen Elizabeth and President Bush. Diana's mother in law was holding her empty purse and looking at W like he was an idiot.
Then, the word started to spread about the dastardly plot to kill "as many soldiers as possible" at Fort Dix. Details were sketchy, as were the plotters. The plan was to invade a military base, full of armed troops with nothing better to do than shoot back. Good thing the military is taking steps to limit soldiers blogging,. this will no doubt give them more time to fight "terrorists" attacking a stateside base.
It gets better. It seems as though the freedom fighters were training in the Pocono Mountains, and made a video of their training sessions. They took it to a store to have a DVD made, and the conversion clerk ratted them out. Let that be a warning to future terrorists.
Say what you will about the 911 crowd, those guys were smart. They pulled off a devastating attack on our country with precise timing and coordination, seeing a weakness and exploiting it fully. The "Fort Dix Six" is a bunch of dummies.
Of course, my favorite radio whiner was all over it. It seems as though some media outlets did not immediatly identify the "Fort Dix Six" as muslims. According to squeal, this is because the msm is commited to electing a democrat president in 2008, and do not want people to be reminded of the threat posed by islamic terrorism. As if killing women and children in Babylon is going to stop foolishness like this.

A high point for the afternoon was going into a Hostess thrift store, and hearing "Dancing Queen" by ABBA on the loudspeaker. Life is good.

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