Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Iraq Turkmen

While most have heard about the Sunni-Shia troubles, and about the Kurds, there are other groups in Iraq. The Turkmen are one such group.
This past weekend, a powerful bomb exploded in Amirli, a small town populated mainly by Turkmen. It is about 50 miles south of Kirkuk, near the region that is claimed as Iraqi Kurdistan. Some say this is the largest single bomb of the war, with more than a hundred people killed.
Many are blaming the blast on Al Queda, and this cannot be dismissed. However, considering the Turkmen-Kurd tensions, the Turkey-Kurd troubles, and the general madhouse atmosphere in Iraq, there are lots of possibilities.
Could the Wahhabis (Al Queda) be trying to foment troubles between the Kurds, the Turkmen, and the Arabs?
Is Turkey trying to make the Kurds look bad, so they could have an excuse to invade?
During the time of Saddam, the Turkmen and Kurds in North Iraq were persecuted, and Arabs were moved in to populate the areas. Now that Saddam is off the planet, the Kurds and Turkmen are getting revenge, and trying to get the Arabs to move.
The fact that this region is rich in oil only makes it more complicated. It would certainly give Turkey a further reason to invade and annex the territory. Turkey has long had problems with its own Kurdish population, and it accuses them of terrorism
The question is, will Turkey stand by idly while Turkmen are being killed? Especially when it means annexing an oil rich territory.
What will the United States do if NATO ally Turkey gets involved in our Babylonian war?


Blogger Shaqawa said...

Hello Chamblee54,

Thank you for visiting my home site like before. I want to tell you that Turkomans are Sunnis and Shi'a, and Amirli is Shi'ite Turkoman. I think you know most of the Kurds are Sunnis.

Saddam did commit crimes against the Turkomans like every other Iraqi. Saddam is off the planet but his men are still in Iraq and they still want to kill and scare and hurt Iraqis.

What is the last picture for this post? I like it.

10:42 AM  
Blogger chamblee54 said...

I just write comments to put between the pictures. The pictures are the most important part of my blog, and I have a lot in reserve. Of course, the more I write, the more I see that I want to write about.
The last picture is some buildings in Midtown Atlanta ,with a lake in Piedmont Park in front. I like to tweak reality with photoshop. This is similar to the way that people take "facts" and twist them to fit their agenda.
Thank you for visiting, and keep up the good work at your blog.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Shaqawa said...

Hello Chamblee54,

It is a nice picture. I would like to visit. Maybe some day you can visit a better Iraq and see the holy sites and rivers and other beautiful things.

1:39 PM  

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