Friday, July 13, 2007

kill as many as possible

Art Linkletter is a TV personality from the black and white era. He once wrote a book titled "Kids Say the Darndest Things". He might have been thinking about talk radio.
There is a Lady named Laura Ingraham with a talk show. She is on at the same time as Squeal(aka Neal Boortz), and I usually find her too annoying to listen to. (When you are more annoying than Squeal, that is something)
She was one of the "Gang of Five" talkshow hosts who had a private meeting in the oval office last year with W. Since the meeting was off the record, we don't know whether they all did lines of coke, or whether Ms. Ingraham wore kneepads.
Ms. Ingraham was discussing the war in Babylon, and she came up with a doozie. The following is an almost verbatim quote:
" I say let the troops kill as many people as they can. That's what they are good at, killing, not nation building. They should kill as many people as they can, and make this so painful that they won't ever think of doing that crap again"
Doing what again? Defending their country against a foreign invader?Ms. Ingraham, any country that is invaded by foreign troops is going to resist. The land between the Tigris and Euphrates has been conquered many times, and the invaders were never greeted as liberators.
Or, is that a reference to 911? Iraq had at best a marginal role in that attack. And if you are referring to the Wahhabi foreign fighters in Iraq, many Iraqis are tired of them and starting to fight back. They too are a foreign army, and are not greeted as liberators.
Also, the Wahhabis view the Shia as infidels, and more worthy of killing than Americans. Are we going to discriminate between these groups while killing as many as possible, or do we just shoot anything in sight?
There is a reason for these rules of engagement that you find so troublesome. You don't win wars by killing civilians, and thus recruiting their relatives in the struggle against you. Also, we need the support of at least some Iraqis, and you don't win wars by killing your allies.
I would be curious if this strategy is what W told you about in the oval office. Of course, that meeting was off the record.

As Art Linkletter found out with his daughter Diane, Kids also do the darndest things.
I was driving on Nesbit Ferry Road this morning. Now, this is a narrow two lane road, with a speed limit of 40 mph. Like many roads here, it was a country back road a few years ago, which is now loaded with subdivisions and a golf course.
I noticed a bright red sports car behind me. It was uncomfortably close. There was a little turn lane for a subdivision, and I pulled into it so he could pass me.
Now, this is an everyday thing. People love to drive fast, and consider someone ahead of them driving the speed limit to be a personal insult. I was happy to accommodate him by pulling over and letting him pass.
The red car zoomed by, until it was behind a truck ,which was driving at an unsatisfactory rate of speed. This continued for another couple of miles.
Now, I knew what was going to happen. This road went on for another mile or so, until it came to a dead end at Holcomb Bridge Road, with a red light. Sure enough, when I got to the red light, and got in one of the left turn lanes, there was the red car. I even got a bit ahead of him.
A rather dorky looking man was looking down at something, then held a cell phone up to his left ear.
Driving fast is such an easy way to prove your coolness and masculinity. You don’t have to work out and build muscle, you don't have to make babies, all you do is crank the car and step on the gas.
At least he didn't have a chrome fish on his red car.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
darndest- dandiest, darkness, dankest, earnest, hardest, darned
doozie-dozier, dozy, doze, oozier, doziest, dose, oozy, dozen.
nesbit-newsbyte, debit, newsbeat, jesuit, henbit, misfit, nimbi

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