Wednesday, July 18, 2007

will you have fries


I have gotten into the habit of talking to G-d while waiting at the red light next to the big chicken. This has been a source of amusement, and a good rhetorical device. It is not to be taken seriously, as I found out this morning.
I was thinking about some incidents involving my parents, who are both deceased. When I got to the big chicken, my question was " Is mom ok? How about dad?"
The big chicken rolled its eyes and opened and shut its beak. No obvious answer was forthcoming.
Now, I have suspected for a while that the business of dead people is something that the living cannot comprehend. The best thing to do is trust in G-d to take care of you and your loved ones.
Now, needless to say this is contrary to the teaching of Jesus Worship. And Jesus Worship is contrary to me.
Is it a good idea to expect messages from G-d to come from a 55 foot tall sheet metal bird? Is this any worse than using a book compiled by a catholic committee in the third century?
No, and no.
So I went on with the rest of my morning. The concept of the big chicken as the modern oracle of Delphi seemed less and less plausible. This is probably for the better.
Unless the question is, do you want regular or extra crispy?

I am also working on a picture now. I finished the geometric blobathan ( possible title), and even took a post partum look this morning and decided it was not as bad as I thought at first. Nonetheless, my next project will be a text picture.
Text pictures consist of a few words, with a border. I started these a few years ago when ran out of ideas. I was working closely with a professional Jesus Worshipper, which was a source of much heartache. The first slogan was "my beliefs are my business". It did my psyche good to produce that, and it was fun having that image on my desktop at work. I did a few more ...I compared Jesus to the body's shipping and receiving facility, I did one with a few cusswords, and there was "beware of clever tongue".
The project on the stove now is "Jesus Mouth". While I am no longer working across the room from the professional j.w., living in our Jesus mad culture is such a bother. And so much of it is talk talk talk, hence the phrase "Jesus mouth".
Now, I was thinking about some other five letter words that could fit into this scheme. While Jesus Saves is too much of a cliché (not to mention 180 degrees from how I see things), there was always Jesus Trust. That sounds a lot like a bank, perhaps the one where Jesus has his savings account.
There is always Jesus Truth, which would not be much of a change from Jesus Mouth.(TRUTH/MOUTH) This has a multiple meanings.... the worshipper can see Creflo Dollar screaming about salvation, where I know that the truth is Jesus=verbal abuse and humiliation. And the truth that worshipping Jesus is a violation of the first commandment.
And so it came to pass, I was coming back from Acworth, and I was stuck behind the red light at the big chicken. I asked G-d what should be the second word of my image.
The big chicken opened and shut its beak. I had may answer.


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