Monday, November 05, 2007

commercial break

I was stuck in a traffic pileup on the expressway. The Patriots and the Colts were in the fourth quarter, and the Pats scored two touchdowns in four minutes to totally confound the point spread. But, a football game has lots of commercials, and my itchy fingers found the Allen Hunt show on another station.( Through internet research, I have learned that Mr. Hunt is a Patriots fan. Such Irony!)
Allen Hunt is a baldheaded professional Jesus Worshipper. He has good writers, and he reads their lines with conviction..."its not about left or right, its about right or wrong...where faith and real life come together"
On this night, he has a guest. He introduces him as "Erik, my nemesis". Erik is the force behind, a blogspot page that does not agree with AH (what great initials).
I listen to as much of the show as I can take. Mr. Hunt likes the sound of his own voice. He talks a lot, and then more. Then he gave Erik a chance to talk, and interrupted him with a question before he could finish a sentence.
I have decided, through much observation, that Jesus Worshippers are rude people. Mr. Hunt did not change my mind. I would be interested in what Erik had to say, but Mr. Hunt never gave him much of a chance.
What does Mr. Hunt's rudeness say about Jesus?



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