Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Is there a Guinness entry for longest non Russian word with only one vowel?
Leaving the job in Marietta at 530, I made it to the BBQ facility at about 630. The plan was to take the camera down to L5P until the event starts at 7.
I did make it down to a bar to use the restroom, and observed the trendiness around me.
After wandering around, and getting lots of images, I made my way down Josephine Street back to the BBQ joint. When I arrived, I saw a table with a sign..."APWBWGTTD b*****s". I knew it was the place.
After a few minutes, there were more arrivals, and a decision was made to put two tables together. Now, round tables do not add together smoothly. The first table that was brought over had a top coming loose from the base, with a lit candle on top. Soon another round table was brought out, and the thing resembled Mickey Mouse .
The server informed us that the Mac and Cheese was "tainted". This was a great disappointment to some of the pixel people. She did bring out a bowl later, which was passed around to allow those who wanted a sample. There are no reports of fatalities.
The folks I met were nice, and well behaved. There was a consensus that a different spot every month was better than Manual’s Tavern. It is also easier to attend events when someone tells you about it.

A few days ago at Pyrowhoopee....a jesus worship blog I am banned from...they had a picture of an Ad from the Universalist Unitarian Church. The headline of the ad read " Does G-d Keep You from Coming to Church". The pyro gaggle made fun of it, and moved on to the next subject.
This did get me to thinking. The obvious comeback was " Does Church Keep you from coming to G-d". Or, more to the point, does Jesus keep you from knowing G-d?
There is a time and a place for theological discussion, hopefully with an adult show of manners, listening, and courtesy. (That might be asking for too much) The subject of this lunch hour rantette is Platitude Fatigue.
Does anyone else get tired of the cleverness of others? Especially some well compensated copywriter in a New York office. We are bombarded with thousands of messages a day, whether we are interested or not. Just because the thought was cleverly worded does not make it more appealing.
Also, there is the idea that you trivialize religion with this sort of flackery.
Of course, if you think G-d is something external, that you need to come to...that she is not already in your heart, regardless of what the bible thumpers say...then maybe.... something. I don't have words suitable for all occasions, except "These things too shall pass away". Just keep that Persian king from getting the bomb.
Spell check suggestions:
b*****s- B.Arch's, babbles, babes, babies, baboons, bloggers
Manuels- Manuals, manilas, mantels, mangles, mantles
Universalist- Universalistic, Universals, Universalize
pyro- pry, pro, pyre, pier, Pierre
flackery- flicker



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I'm glad you could make it out to your first meetup! :)

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