Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dearly Beloved

The shotgun wedding of Rigamorta Flappenheimer and Chicago Nicotino could not be put off any longer. The pregnancy was advancing day by day, and common decency demanded an immediate union. The fact that both the bride and groom were deceased did not lessen the urgency.
Serving wenches were recruited from the local peasants, and instructed in the customs of a corpse wedding.
Blue Face, and his partner Danger, graciously agreed to host. The hilltop house was decorated as though for a halloween party.
Batman let the Joker loose, and he was in attendance.
Satan sent a representative from Hades, or maybe it was Decatur. He spent most of the evening on the couch in the living room.
Several togas were seen. Apparently, the corpse bride is a tradition in some semi primitive societies.
Chicago Nicotino was very nervous. He spent most of the evening on the deck smoking cigarette after cigarette. Surely only the presence of a shotgun kept him from fleeing, and going back to the grave to avoid doing his duty to the fetching Rigamorta.
The evening went on, and much merriment was displayed. Somehow the union of Rigamorta and Chicago was forgotten, and the shotgun quietly put away. Or perhaps someone realized that a shotgun would have no effect on a corpse, except to make the clean up more difficult. Chicago was reported heading to a fetish party, while Rigamorta went back to the mausoleum.


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