Friday, October 26, 2007


Did anyone else notice that Genarlow Wilson's attorney is named B.J. Bernstein?
First he goes to jail because of a BJ, then he gets out of jail because of a B.J.

When a forest is in a drought, it goes on. Maybe a few plants die, the trees don't grow as much, maybe it gets too dry and catches on fire, but that is nature.
When you replace that forest with a subdivision, you create a need for canned water. All those commodes, dishwashers, and landscaped yards use a lot more municipal water than a forest. Multiply this scenario by about a thousand and you have a water shortage waiting to happen.

I had another thought about Laura Ingraham, FreedomFromReligion, and abortion.
FFR posts about services which work with pregnant women to try to persuade them not to get an abortion.
Ms. Ingraham wants to use the government.
If a big government solution to the problem is liberal, then Ms. Ingraham is a LIberal.
Ditto for anyone who wants to send 160,000 troops eight time zones away...that person is a big government loving liberal.

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