Thursday, January 17, 2008

go braves

So the Richmond Braves are going to move to Gwinnett County. I have appointed myself the asker of rude questions.
How much water is this going to use? A baseball diamond does not grow naturally, and needs to be watered. Where is this water going to come from? The Atlanta area is in a long term water crunch, and this is not going to get any better. We are acting like heroin addicts’, scrambling to get our next fix while tomorrow is left to take care of itself. We are not out of this drought yet, and the governments are already binging.
The next question is arguably none of my business, since I live in Dekalb County. Why is Gwinnett County spending 45 million dollars on a minor league baseball stadium? Do none of their schools need improvement? Are the roads in perfect condition? Of course, with Fulton and Dekalb counties providing the region with a trauma center, maybe it is my business.
Do the people of Gwinnett County have a say so in this? These are the same folks who rejected MARTA a few years ago. Do they really want to spend this money, or sit in the traffic jams?
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Gwinnett- ginned, grinned, Genet, twinjet, gimlet, gained, guinness, wined
Dekalb- decal, deals, dealt
And now for something completely different. Here is a video about an international man of importance.


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