Monday, December 24, 2007

Five Best Blogs Today

A certain local blogger (who sometimes does not like my comments) is doing a Year in Review. He is covering last May. During this month, there was a cover story at Creative Loafing about the Five Best Blogs in Atlanta.
Andisheh Nouraee wrote the story. He writes a dandy piece each week about the War in Babylon. When I get near a distribution point I get a copy...actually two copies; I put one in the breakroom at work. Marietta still needs a bit of help.
Mr. Nouraee was not totally complimentary about the local blogosphere. All this proves is that he is paying attention. There is a lot of refuse out there, and a lot of it is really out there. Some were offended that this was said out loud. Not to worry, Mr. Nouraee went back to telling us about how the surge is working.
When I saw this mentioned a few minutes ago, I had an idea for a fast and easy post. Why not go back to the Five best blogs and see how they are doing?

Peach pundit
Last post.... 12-24-07
This blog seems to be rockin'. I had a link to it in my favorites for some reason or another, so it must be doing something right. While Georgia politics is a murky subject at best, it does have its fans. I am not one, although it does have a certain morbid curiosity.

Inside the Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame
Last post 12-24-07
This is another one that has not slowed down. When I stopped in there was a video of some bread thingies in a French Bakery. They resembled male genitalia.
This blog needs to be seen on full screen or you miss a lot of the words. This is annoying to those of us who do not like full screen.

Peachtree Screed
"the page cannot be found"
I think I heard something about Mr. Monroe getting a real job up north. While this is the opposite of the normal flow of yankees to the tolerant south, it is a loss.
I read Mr. Monroe when he was at Creative Loafing, but never did get around to his blog.

I saw it on Ponce
Last post 10-29-07
I don't know what happened here. There is a wealth of material on that wretched thoroughfare, but whoever does this seems to have better things to do.

Cable and Tweed
Last post 12-21-07
C&T is a regular at AtlBloggers, so I see its output. Didn't I hear somewhere they were based in Athens? Not that it really matters, since the Classic City is essentially a suburb of Atlanta.
My problem with music blogs is yours truly. I am 53yo and have not been hip since Jimmy Carter was President. I truly appreciate people who are fighting the good fight and keeping rock alive...yea, even flourishing...but I am well into the third act of my life, and see so much that I don't know about.

So there you have it sports fans. One has been shut down, one is on hiatus, and three are rolling along. None of these are on my daily visit routine, but that isn't too shocking...out of about a quadrillion blogs, I go to about a dozen regularly. There is always next year.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Nouraee- nauru, neural
Brame- barnm ,brume, brim, brace, brake, brave
thingies- things, thongs
genatalia- genitalia, gentile
yankees- yanks, yanked, Yonkers, hankies, banks, ranks, hanks,tanks
Ponce- Poncho, pounce, pone, ponte, paunch
Geritol- genital, grit


Blogger Rich said...

Rich from C&T here -- FYI, the blog was Atlanta-based from 1/2006 until 8/2007. I moved to Athens then for a teaching job at UGA that started in the fall semester.

Have a great holiday!

9:23 AM  

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