Monday, February 11, 2008

82 Percent


I do so much enjoy internet tests.
This one is easy to figure out. Being a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, I know that Absinthe is made of wormwood. It doesn't take too much shmartz to figure that jagermeister means master hunter. And so it goes.
The test says I am
82% alcoholic, lush.

I took my last drink December 31, 1988.
ht to mingaling . I hope this test is not a requirment for being in APWBWGTTD.

This is a shock. I am able to get into blogger.
For the last 19 days, I have not been able to log onto blogspot. I have spent hours on the phone with tech reps, sent numerous messages to blogger, and been very unpleased. I don't know if what I did tonight was a fluke, but I will try it again later.


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