Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jackson Browne

Saturday, September 02, 2006
At half past four, I realized if I was going to get the cd’s back to the library I needed to scoot.
The last batch…. cirque du soleil, judy garland, eno, and the beatles…was tons of fun, but I needed to turn them in and start anew.
This new batch…Carole King, Jackson Browne, The Carpenters, The Doors, Joni Mitchell…looks promising.
The first one is “for everyman” by Jackson Browne. As the first notes of “ Red Neck Friend” comes off, I am taken back to Halloween Night 1974 at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium.

Bonnie Raitt, the opening act, was over. The band comes on stage, starts to play, and without introduction, Jackson Browne turned around, the spotlight hit him, and sang the first words of “Red Neck Friend”.
He was magic. So young, so full of promise, you could look at him and see the future of rock and roll.
(Apologies to the hypemeisters of Bruce Springsteen)
Jackson did “Ready or Not” that night. Little did anyone know that within two years the lady at the center of that song would commit suicide.
I saw a picture of Jackson and his son once. The son looks very much like his dad did that night 32 years ago. The dad…. well, never mind what he looks like. For some of us, being alive and breathing will have to do.
Weekends are for living. I have done well the last 24 hours or so. There was a lively discussion about whether or not you should preach at funerals. I met a friend for lunch, and decided to walk across the parking lot to try a new place, and ate way too much.

Shrubbery abuse.On the way home, I took some pictures of the Atlanta White House, with it’s lawn that says, “god loves you”.

Mowing the lawn will happen eventually, but I got some pictures of the flowers growing there before I murder them.

Greenery abounds. I did something last night I had not done in a while. Owing a friend a favor, I bought him a beer. After 18 years, I was shocked to see that it cost $3.50.


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