Saturday, July 29, 2006

talk radio

Lately, I have been driving at work. This means I spend a lot of time driving around cobb county, and the am radio is a source of diversion.
Of course, in 2006, am radio means talk, almost all of it right wing. I have had three revelations lately, which I am going to share now.
First was on Sean Hannity's program. He said the Republicans were about to lose their majority because they have not stuck to their principles. Now, it seems to me that their principles are telling people whatever they think they want to hear, regardless of whether they are going to do what they say or not. They have done this as long as I can remember, and if they ever lost their majority, it will be because the voters have wised up. Of course, the Democrats play the same game.
Second was the Neil Bortz show. He said that he wanted Cynthia Mckinney to win her runoff election so she could embarrass the democrats. Now, I live in her district, and I would like to retire her electric haired ass.
Of course, Mr. Bortz was playing games when he said that. He does that. He says things he doesn't really mean, just to get people fired up, and keep them listening to his show.
Now, the problem with this, is, how do you know when he means what he says? You can't. He is the little boy who cried wolf, and anyone who believes him is gullible.
Which brings us to the "Fair Tax". Now, the "F tax" used to be called the flat tax, but he thought that fair tax might be a better name for it. Whether it would or would not work is a matter of conjecture, but that is not my issue today. My revelation: Neil Bortz does NOT believe in the "Fair Tax". This is just another gimmick of his to boost ratings and sell books. He knows about the shortcomings of it, but he doesn’t tell you that.
Third is something on a local show called "Denny Radio". He was talking about the material plenty of our society, and how all this consumerism does not lead to happiness. His question: Why, when we give our children the best of everything, are so many of them miserable?
My answer...the reason why so many of us are miserable, despite having all the material things we could desire...the reason for the widespread misery in our JESUS.


Anonymous Siouxperman said...

Why are you blaming Jesus? Do you know him?

3:41 AM  

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