Thursday, July 19, 2007

rankin blank part two

The big story on the news continues to be the Michael Vick saga. Laura Ingraham got me laughing this morning by blaming the whole thing on "hip hop culture" Does anyone know the color of the co defendants in this case? If they were white, they could be influenced by HHC, but it wouldn't have the same cachet as blaming a black man.
Hip Hop Culture. I see a lot of that, and not always in the way that these msm types like Laura Ingraham would have you believe. Looking back on my days with the Professional Jesus Worshipper, I saw a thug mentality. Or maybe, a thug who turns into a whining tattletale when he doesn't get his way. Maybe that is what hip hop culture is.
Herman Cain is filling in for Unka Neal this week. He thought that Mr. Vick was a bad example for youth...which is what they used to say about Joe Namath. He didn't say much about it though, mainly focusing on the economy.
Economics is a case where nobody really agrees on anything, and you can make arguments in any way you (or the people who pay you) want. Now, on a certain level the economy is good now. I can't help but be troubled by the budget deficit, the loss of manufacturing jobs, the trade deficit, the addiction to foreign oil, and the medical industry raping amerika. The list goes is long, but if Herman Cain says the economy is great, then it must be.
Back to Michael Vick, and then I have to go back to work. The last radio whiner I heard today was Mike Gallagher. He was deploring the media and their rush to judgement on Mr. Vick.
Now, this is true in a court of law...a man should not be judged guilty without a fair trial. But, this is a matter of celebrity culture, and how we put athletes on a pedestal.
Mike Vick has been found wanting as a quarterback, and I am convinced the falcons would be better off without him. But, the owner of the birds, Rankin Blank, saw him as the player who would make the franchise. He made a bad mistake.
The media created Mike Vick. They saw an exciting player, and a potent sales force for (hip hop culture again) sneakers. What the media creates, the media likes to destroy. I suspected all along that he had feet of clay, and recent events may be supporting my suspicion.
So, it really doesn't matter if he is found guilty or innocent. The damage has been done, both to his endorsement career and his football skills. The quarterback position is a leadership role, and Mr. Vick has been found wanting in this capacity before. When he runs onto the field and the fans are booing, that will not help.
There is an image that comes to mind. In the preseason a few years ago, Mr. Vick was injured. When he was released from the hospital, there was a picture of Rankin Blank pushing his wheel chair. While this was a clever photo op, and got lots of publicity for the team, I sensed at the time that something was wrong, that the owner of any enterprise does not need to be photographed pushing the wheelchair of his employee. Mr. Vick seems to have an ego out of control, and Mr. blank needs a big share of the blame.
I am home now, and have another thought on Mr. Vick. This is a new type of scandal, and one that is much less acceptable to most people. Sex and gambling are things that most people do. Money laundering and tax evasion are technical crimes that most people do not understand, and have a tough time getting worked up over. But there are millions of dog lovers in amerika and once the pictures and stories started to get out, people were outraged.
As for the "innocent until proven guilty" routine, this is not a typical crime. With a homicide or a robbery, there is always a chance that someone else did it. This dogfighting thing is the result of an ongoing investigation. While his high priced lawyers may be able to get him off, there is a sense here that he probably is guilty. Of course, the trial will tell the tale, and people should not rush to judgement. The matter of his image is something else. The damage to that was already severe.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
unka- bunka, unique
Namath- nametag
defecit- defect, deficit, defacate
herman- he-man, sherman, german, hormone, heroin, hermit, sermon, vermin, wherein
cain- can, chain , cabin, coin, chin, gain, lain, pain, rain, vane, cane, china, chair


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