Monday, November 26, 2007

Letter to Neal Boortz

It is grossout confession time. I listen to Neal Boortz. I have not wrecked the truck yet. The closest I came to that was when Mike Vick said he had found Jesus during his post indictment press conference.
Mrs. Boortz has a project going. She is going to Walter Reed Hospital soon, and is going to be giving gift cards to the wounded vets there. (If you want to send a gift card, here is the address:
Walter Reed Project
c/o Neal Boortz
WSB Radio
1601 W. Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30309)

There were gift cards that I never got around to using, so I decided to send them down to White Columns. And, I wrote a little letter:

The person who reads the mail/Mr. Boortz:

These are some gift cards I have. I don’t like to use them, and giving them to a wounded veteran is a good idea.
I am one of the “Liberals” that you have made lots of money denouncing. I should ask for a cut.
The war in Iraq is a disaster. I think you know this, even if you are paid to say otherwise. I don’t believe the happy talk about “the surge is working, we are winning”. This talk is part of the strategy.

I would like to ask a few favors of Mr. Boortz.
Answer your e mail. All you need to do is send an automated message that your received it, and thanks for listening to the show. Of course, If you want to reply to the substance of the message, that is fine too.
Come clean about your military record. I see no mention on your website biography about exactly why you did not go to ‘Nam. Being an assistant jewelry buyer at Rich’s, and working at RING radio, while rough experiences, are not quite the same. (Of course, If you ate at the Burger Chef in front of WRNG, you are tough. I did phone soliciting in that complex.) Back to the draft…you are a tireless promoter of the current war, and are trying to start more in Iran , Pakistan,and Buford Dam. When it was your turn to fight, you did not. If it was a medical condition that kept you from the draft, you seem to have made a remarkable recovery.Playing hockey, running half marathons, and climbing mountains are not things that disqualify you from active duty.
Be nice to Belinda. She is the best thing about that show.
Repeat as often as possible the disclaimer about not believing what you hear on the show. That is the one part of your show I do believe.
Be glad you are on opposite Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck. Compared to those two you are downright reasonable.
Visit my blog from time to time. While you get lots of play out of trashing “liberals”, I get my revenge by writing about it. Blogs are talk radio without the busy signal. The address is

All kidding aside, the job your wife is doing for wounded vets is commendable. And my radio has an off button, so it is my fault if I listen.
Cam Mckinnon/chamblee54

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Belinda-blinder, blind, blend, blender, bellied, belied
grossout- grossest, grout
nam-am, name, Naomi, nab, nag, nah, nap, nat, nay

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Blogger Johnny Webb said...

So....if you didn't serve in the military, you shouldn't voice your support for those who do or the mission they're on?.....more leftist lame's getting old...go watch a Jane Fonda movie....

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Answer about Boortz's Military Service, there was none!
Go to: Archives Section, for 9-28-05 or Aug,Sept Oct '05, and April- May '06.
Boortz was outed in Sept of '05 for years of lying about his so-called draft status of 4-F, and having a college degree!

6:49 PM  

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