Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Governor Sonny prays for Rain

Governor Sonny had a Jesus party on the capital steps to pray for rain. On the surface this is not so terrible. But then, the surface of Lake Lanier is 20 feet below normal.
Governor Sonny was elected on a promise to have a referendum on the state flag. That is putting the dumb back in referendum. He was appealing to Georgia Voters.
The state flag has been a hot issue here since about 1993, when Governor Zigzag listened to somebody and decided to start pushing for a change. This is a complicated issue, with a lot of pros and cons, not to mention prose and poets. If prozac had been invented...oops it was. Anywaste, I fully intend to write a post someday about the State Flag, and no one will read it.
Of course, the Lesterslature could have built some reservoirs while it was debating the flag. Then we would have a bit more water to waste while we are praying. But, as Rhett Butler might have said, Frankly my dear, I don’t give a reservoir.
Those attempts at spelling reservoir are going to be fun to correct. Just remember that reservoir comes from reserve. If only the Lesterslature had known that.
Back to the state flag. As everyone knows, it was changed in 1956 as a gesture to let Alabama know that we were going to keep all the water from the Chattahoochee. Their nuclear power plant can just melt down and go to China for all we care.
With this in mind, can anyone blame the Lesterslature for not seeking additional sources of water? After all, they were debating something of unspeakable importance, like the state flag.
We could have sold advertising on the state flag.
Of course, being the politician that he is, Governor Sonny didn't put the 1956 on the ballot when he had the referendum. You knew I was a scorpion when you gave me a ride.
Last year, a state court threw out a ban on gay marriage. Something about being in violation of the rest of the constitution, but a few of us suspected that the Lesterslature passed a flawed bill intentionally. That way, the courts could throw it out, and the Lesterslature could grandstand on gay marriage one more time, and decry activist courts to boot. A win win situation, until the Supreme Court upheld the ban on gay marriage.
Governor Sonny spoke up, and promised a special session of the Lesterslature to pass a new ban on gay marriage, if the old one was indeed unconstitutional.
While the Lesterslature was defending the institution of marriage (like Groucho Marx said, We are defending her honor, which is more than she ever did), they had a chance to put some limits on development. Now, development is the true religion of Georgia, and this is a devout state. Never mind that whenever you replace a forest that never needs watering with a subdivision full of commodes and landscaping, you increase the need for municipal water. Perhaps if our elected officials had put a few limits on runaway construction, we would have a bit more water now. And the developers would still give them campaign contributions, because they are such wise leaders.
Maybe Governor Sonny should pray for forgiveness. But then, you can't flush a commode with forgiveness.

Spell check suggestions for this feature-
prozac- prosaic
Rhett- ret, rest, whet, reheat, ghetto, brett, rent, retch, hat, heft
Groucho- grouch, grouchy


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