Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the myth of asphalt

The good news about digital cameras is that you dont have to buy film or prints, and you can go crazy and take pictures of anything you like.
Trouble is, this "freedom" allows you to go out and take a lot of worthless images.
Of course, you dont always know it is going to be worthless until you try to capture the image.

This view of Parkridge Drive has always looked nice in person. .

How was I to know that the viewfinder is not what the lens sees, and that this is a close up picture of the fence.

Then there is a stand by, the digital camera in the mirror for a self portrait. This is a new twist, with a convex mirror outside by a street. This is the only one of four tries where I got my face in the picture.

Nostalgia is a funny thing. When I was a kid, I hated this barber shop. I always had to wait at least two hours, in a room full of men smoking cigarettes and watching a black and white tv that never seemed to work. Now I have to take a picture of it.
Upstairs was the post office. It is a consignment shop now.

These railroad ties have been stacked by the tracks for so long that a pine tree is growing out.

Have a nice day!


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