Thursday, October 06, 2005

Two Days

It has been a wild couple of days in the digital world.
Monday night I tried to download some pictures. The download didn’t work, so I tried to boot the machine. When it started to come back, there was an error code that would not go away.

I thought about all the warning signs I had gotten recently, and realized that after five years my computer had bit the dust.
I went to a retail store, but didn’t feel like buying anything that night. I was feeling alienated by the retail environment, and had some guilt feelings about making an expensive purchase while I was out of work.
Tuesday morning, I got out the yellow pages and started to make calls. The first place I called was a small repair/custom build place. The man was surprised that he was in the yellow pages, since they don’t like bell south...
“ we are not a junk shop”... I decided I did not like his attitude.
The next place I called was a small shop I had driven by a few times. I talked to the man, liked what I heard, and went by the store. It was run Persians, I am guessing. . At any rate, he asked what I needed, we figured it out, and he said it would be ready by that afternoon.
I go home, set the thing up, and call the ISP to get on the internet. After 70 minutes on my pre paid cell phone, he told me to contact the manufacturer to see what the problem was with the modem. It seems as though when I plugged the phone line into the computer, the dial tone went away.
I called the ISP again, this time on the land line. At first, someone who was in the building answered, and said he would get a technical person for me.
After I got a technical person, he suggested that I call bell south and get the line tested. I made the call at 7:01, after they closed at 7:00.
The t.p. (toilet paper, technical person, native american dwelling) called back, and I got to looking at the back of the machine. It turned out I had placed the phone line in the wrong jack! After I got a dial tone, I connected to the internet, got my email, and connected to a web page.
Wednesday, I got into some other chores. I had made some back up cd’s, and installed them. I tried to log onto a chat room that I enjoy visiting, but could not connect. I made up a new i.d., changed the settings on the internet connection, and got very frustrated, but nothing happened. Finally, I right clicked on the window for the chat room, and went to one of the gibberish options, and saw that I needed to download Java. I went to the site, and one my third try got the stuff in my computer and was able to get into the chatroom.


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