Saturday, October 01, 2005

VHS Kick

I have been on a vhs kick lately. As dvd takes over, vcr is like the 8 track tapes of the seventies.
Of course, 8 tracks were a lot more obsolete than vcr. These tapes still look good, and there are some good stories to be told. Of course, dvd is the new thing, with better quality and more choices, and one day I suppose I will buy one.
Until then, I will have days like today. I rode my bike out into the neighborhood, and came home with nine titles for three dollars.
The Wedding Singer
Dirty Dancing ($1 by itself, the lady would not negotiate the price)
My Best Friends Wedding
The Sixth Sense
Star Wars- The Phantom Menace
Titanic (two tapes, 50 cents)
Grateful Dead- So Far
311 - Enlarged to Show Detail

The blog experience is evolving, and evolution is not always intelligent design.
I saw that the companion blog, "PiersGavestonLives" had a comment, the first. Alas, it was from one of the Fide-O crowd, making a "mean" comment about a self portrait post.
This was not how I had planned it. The idea was for Chamblee54 to be G rated something I could show most anyone. PiersGavestonLives was intended to be a little racier, a place to talk trash. I know now that anyone with access to Chamblee54 has access to PiersGavestonLives. I am going to set up my "alternative" blog under a different user name.
Once again, I have learned a valuable lesson from the "meanies" at Fide-O.
I also note that all of my comments to that blog have been deleted. At this point I really am not concerned.
Why should I care what a church in Murietta CA thinks about me?
As mean as jesus worshippers can get, the Fide-O crowd is very mild. I have seen much, much worse. I just hope they are having a good time.
They do not speak well for jesus.


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