Sunday, October 02, 2005

fatwa lite

Just when I was ready to move on, Fide-O decides to start throwing stones at me.
Saturday, October 01, 2005
Pervert Alert
WARNING -- Chamblee has been deleted many times from FIDE-O because we refuse to associate with anyone who has posted the type of perverted material he has.
As far as his lies and contentions, I take a half a baby aspirin and go on; but we draw a line when it comes to filthy language and pictures.
So if one of his comments slips past us for an hour or so, we ask that you ignore him. He probably will not go away for a while because that would not be his nature. We have not found a way yet to block him, so we apologize for his presence -- but please don't throw him any bones.
posted by Jason Robertson at 7:40 PM

Tony Langdon said...
Aye, aye, Captain!
10:12 PM

Wes Langdon said...
Amen. That blog was the LAST thing my young, impressionable mind needed to see. Bad Chamblee! Bad Chamblee!
8:56 AM
Chamblee54 said...
As I noted yesterday, anything objectionable has been removed from my blog.
You seem to be in a rush to judge people. So be it.
How you could know what my "nature" is , when you have only known me at a distance of 2500 miles, for less than two weeks, is a mystery.
This whole affair does not speak well of jesus.
10:11 AM

So this is what jesus does for people. I have seen this many, many times, before.
What "filthy language and pictures"? I posted a picture of my butt, and wrote a biography about Piers Gaveston.
I have moved these items to another site, but that is not good enough .
Of course, when you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.
The name of the post that "sucked me in" was "Not Stuck on Stupid". If I dwell on this much more, I will be Stuck with Stupid. And with sun shining on this lovely October afternoon, there are better things to do.


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