Saturday, October 15, 2005

Remember the Pony

Sometimes if you take enough images, you wind up with something worthwhile.
I went out taking shots of a house I used to live in, a new house in the yard where I used to live, and a house I used to visit. Across from the latter, I found this.

The slogan of the door to door book sales industry is "Remember the Pony". It seems as though these child psychologists did a test. Two children were locked into rooms. One room had toys galore, the entire Toys R Us catalog. The other room had a pile of horse manure.
After a couple of hours, the child in the room with the toys was bored to tears, and begging to be let out.
The child in the room with the manure was having the time of his life.
The psychologist asked the kid about why he was enjoying the fertilizer so much. The kid said, " With all of this doo doo, there has to be a pony somewhere."
Remember the Pony...

The first house on this ride is on Woodacres Drive. I rented a room here, sharing space with a married couple, two dogs, and cat. The cat (Zevon) was separated from his mother at a young age and thought that the chou (corbett) was his mother.

I moved out of that house into an apartment behind the McDonalds in Doraville. My co tenants there were a married couple, another human, five snakes, a cat, and a ferret. I was commuting by bicycle at the time. My first week there, the temperature was -7 when I woke up. I put on every bit of clothing I owned and rode into work. A few days later was the snow jam of 1982.

After that, I found the attic apartment on Tobey Road. It was a great place to live, with a 37 acre forest in back and a five minute walk to my family.

I was there 23 years, until an evil builder bought the property to build a mcmansion.

The last house on this voyage is on Wentworth Drive, down the road from the Woodacres house. Friends of mine who enjoyed having parties occupied this house. I was there the night the Braves won the World Series in 1995.

Alas, the former residents of this dwelling have departed this planet, and the house is falling into disrepair.


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