Sunday, November 13, 2005

chili cookoff

Procrastination, excuses, and gasoline.After a year of not going to Tall Club events, I decided to make it to the Chili Cookoff.
Bonnie's house was not tough to find. The fact that I had been there before helps, the row of cars was a clue. Tom Mort pulled in behind me, and we went to the house with the banner in front and the image of Rick Larose in the window.

Crockpots of chili graced the room, six on the table and another in the kitchen. The recipes ranged from Texas chili ( the spiciest of the bunch), to an assortment of beans, to one with a lot of olives ( I managed to slide a serving around the olives)

There was a collection of chili fans. In addition to the people you would expect, there were two children and Miss TCI. I was not the only M.I.A. returning to action.

Birthdays were celebrated.

Dayglo shooters were shared after dinner and dessert.
While a digital camera will sometimes skip the flash, one wonders if this picture was not what some were seeing.

After a while people started to leave. They must not mind those who stayed after, and needed someone to talk about.


Anonymous mph said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the look inside the Chili Cookoff 2005. MPH...Bonnie's sister

9:20 PM  

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