Monday, October 17, 2005

Zero Seven

It feels good to get back to my craft.
Without getting into tmi, this has been a wild year. One of the things that has fallen by the wayside is my pictures.
I make faux stained glass pictures. They are designed for viewing with light coming through. I get the colors from sticker paper and tape, and they are placed on a mylar base.
This is the image i am working on now. I call it zero-seven, because this can be viewed as zero through seven in base two numbers. When you view the trigrams, they start in the middle and go to the outside. The line nearest the center is one, the next line is two, the line at the outside of the circle is four. The broken lines are negative, the solid lines are positive. Thus, the trigram at the top is zero, and going clockwise we have one, five, six, seven, four, two, and three.
This symbol also can represent the eight trigrams of the i ching.
I am not sure what arrangement i will use in this image. This is not the "official" arrangement of the trigrams, if such a designation exists. I found the octagon in a book, and adapted it for my purposes. The zero goes at the top, the seven goes at the bottom, the two is opposite of the five, the rest is arranged as best i could. When i was testing this design a previous time, I rearranged the trigrams to make it look better.

This is my first draft of this design.

I built a model of it over the weekend, and saw that i needed to make a few changes. This morning, i made a few changes, and by early afternoon i had a color pattern i was happy with.

I did this design, in a different way last year. This version was a big step forward for was the first time i had used circles and 45 degree angles in a computer designed picture. I had used circles and angles in my hand drawn images, but in the 3 odd years that i had been designing on the computer i had only used 90 degree angles. There are reasons for this, but i want to post this tonight and get some rest. I can go into more detail about my process later.


Blogger Rev. James Jackson said...


I deleted your comment from my post. Not to be like fide-o or because I think your offensive or anything like that. Just because it was way off subject and the post I linked to already was 'dialoging' fide-o and I didnt want them to tie my comments to yours and get confused.

Anyway....whaz up?

12:01 AM  
Blogger Rose~ said...

I think you are quite an artist! How neat. I would love to do something like what you do with the windows.

2:47 PM  

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