Sunday, October 16, 2005

Return to Doraville

I wasn't able to make it to the yard sales today. A call came from bell south, telling me that a man would be by before 7pm to look at my line. It was 10:30 am.
Around 4, the repairman got here, and did something to the line. The buzzing didn't go away, but the dial up has not spontaneously disconnected since then, so he may have done some good. Of course, I also disabled auto disconnect, and while manual disconnect is a nuisance, and I am guaranteed to forget, that may solve the problem of disconnect when the machine wants to

My first stop on toady’s tour was the apartments I lived in with the weasel people. This was January 1982, one of the coldest months Atlanta has ever known. I was sharing this apartment with a married couple, another human, five snakes, a cat and a ferret. That was a nasty place.... the smoke detectors went off every time you use the stove, we couldn’t lock the door, and there was some kind of natural gas smell that never did go away. That was also my only time of living with cable tv, and with the infancy of MTV, it was something. The female part of the married couple, Cheryl, was a Journey fanatic, and every time they came on she would shriek "turn it up turn it up
Back to living with a ferret. Ferrets are not really bad pets, if you can get over them being weasels. The same principal applies to snakes. They are clean, and fun to hold while they wrap around your fingers. The main issue with a snake for a pet is that he is a prisoner in a glass box, and that is not a life I would wish on a helpless animal.
The apartments look the same 23 years later, except the tenants are now mostly mexican. When you go in, you see the satellite dish's all over the place. A friend explained to me that cable only has two spanish channels, and if you want spanish tv you need to get a dish. There is a pizza place I go to that has two tvs; usually either on soccer or a music show. Of course, sometimes they have the telenovas, which are great fun, even though I don’t understand a word they are saying.

So I went across the buford hiway, and found a korean 24 hr restaurant next to a gynecologist.

The goal on the other side of buford hiway was the garden retreat. there is a neat little feature in the front, a bunch of bamboo poles painted in rainbow stripes.

Is this the result of the rainbow colored bamboo?

After I saw the rainbow bamboo, I went over to Strait Street to restore the balance.

And what is a trip to Doraville without the My Dung Video?


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