Tuesday, December 06, 2005

happy holidays

The ever trendy clairmont babtist church has a sign now...”celebrate christmas, resist intolerant secularism.”
You know, I have always said merry christmas, and thought nothing of it. But now that it is a political football for the bill o'reilly's of the world, I think it is subversive act to say happy holidays as often as possible.
I personally find little to celebrate in the birth of jesus. How much better, if only mary could have had an abortion.
Of course, bible scholars (is that an oxymoron) say jesus was most likely born in the spring.
And, the christmas celebration was grafted onto the pagan holiday at solstice time.
None of which is impressive to the bible mongers.
And, does anyone pay attention to the lyrics of christmas carols? "To save us all from satans power when we had gone astray" I don't think so!
It is important to put the HO back in holidays.
Happy Holidays.


Blogger Melissa said...


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Blogger Rose~ said...

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Blogger Rose~ said...

Hi Chamblee,
I hear such anger in some of your comments and you seem so disgruntled with "jesus worshippers." Don't blame it on Jesus. (the abortion comment was really bad.) He can forgive any curse you send His way, though.

I do, however, understand some of your comments about the detectible judgementalism (I can't find the right word ... mean-ness?) of certain Christian bloggers. Really. Christians dissapoint, Christ doesn't.

4:06 PM  

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