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Lately, I have a list of blogs that I check in on.
One of these is purgatorio, produced by a man named Marc Heinrich.
Purg first came to my attention a few weeks ago. I posted a comment in Pyromaniac.(The post is "Some odds 'n' ends before I lapse into a drug-induced stupor" on November 6,2005)
"What on earth is cessationism?
Someone might want to post a guide to the fancy language used by bible worshipper bloggers".
( Cessationism is the concept that god only spoke to man directly in biblical times, or something like that)
Purg helpfully suggested :
"...Chamblee..try google or wikipoedia on these subjects you can find all kinds of articles...teach a man to fish..."
And so I started looking at purgatorio, and enjoyed it greatly. Marc is the Dr. Demento of the jesus worship bloggers, with pictures of all kinds of curiosities. Books, Vinyl albums and pictures galore of all sorts of things, most of them jesus related. Most of these were presented without comment, so the individual can draw his own conclusions, or just enjoy them.
This went on for a few weeks, until I saw his post from November 30The pretty pictures were still there, but the tone of the writing had turned nasty. Purg was making fun of the "emergent" church, to the cheers of the choir.
Now, I personally don't know emergent from detergent. However, I felt Marc had gone too far, and was getting cheap laughs at the expense of sincere people. I wrote:
Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of the emergent church.
My sole source of information on this phenomenon is the jesus worship blogs, primarily yours, Fide O, and Pyromaniac.
You seem to have a problem with the emergents. That is fine.
Of course, Fide O (see "fatwa lite")says I am a pervert and a Liar.
Now, what I have seen so far of the emergents makes them seem like a reasonable bunch...except for the fact that they are jesus worshippers.
Jesus is a source of
in my life. Jesus, to me, means humiliation and verbal abuse.
I should not worry about jesus worshippers making fun of each other, but this nonsense that you and the evil fide O are talking does not look good. I don’t even know if they have emergent churches in Georgia, and frankly wouldn’t want to go to one if they did. My only connection to them is that I am trashed by Fide O.
This does not speak well for jesus. But then, very little that I see in the modern church does.
I enjoy your collection of Christian oddities. However, this kind of negativity about your fellow human beings ( aka god’s children) is in poor taste.
When I checked back later, the post had been deleted.
I later commented:
This post says more about you than it does about emergents.
This was also deleted.
This morning, I wrote ( with quotes from Marc's comments):
"and all had nice things to say"
"Come back and visit anytime. We're usually engaged in some sort of sacred-cow tipping and would love to hear your perspective (before we destroy it with logic and reason ;-))."
Or just delete it.
So this is how Purgatorio works. Trash people for their religion, and delete comments from those who disagree.
I should say in parting that I have become very alienated from jesus in the past few years. I did not expect these bloggers to change my mind. However, they have created even more ill will for jesus.


Blogger marc said...


I'm not sure why you care what I do. You say you don't follow Jesus & don't like Jesus worshippers and never will become one, yet you come over onto various "Christian" blogs and beat the same drum over and over about how "this reflects poorly on Jesus". How would you know what reflects poorly on Jesus since you don't know him over even want to? Any alienation you feel is not because of Blogs, or Jesus worshippers, or your pain or misery. Its because of separation from God... the hound of heaven is after you Chamblee.

The reason you are bannded from my site for now is that you had commented with a lengthy attack on Fide-o at my blog. That out of line, I won't tolerate it.

As to "attacking" the emerging church, most of the commenters that are enjoying the post are from the emerging church! If you follow the links, you will see that leaders of the EC have linked back to my post in a positive way. Maybe if you'd read the comments instaed of dragging out your old tired "Jesus followers" spiel you might get something out of it.

Anyway, you are banned for the rest of 2005, if you want to start commenting again at my site in 2006, you may, but please No attacks and no off-topic rants about "reflecting poorly on Jesus".


9:58 AM  

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