Friday, November 18, 2005

Nuts and Bolts

- not much wassup with you
-less than nothing
- I have been doing a temp job this week. Been out at a warehouse setting up shelves. Hard physically, not too much mentally.
- Had an interview tuesday for a theoretically permanent position. When I go in, the first thing the guy says is"why did they send another person here"
- lol
-It went downhill from there. The man had american flags, army memorabilia, and Oakland Raiders stuff all over the place. I probably wouldn’t have gotten along with him. Still, it was a letdown when I got the call from the agency saying, "he said you were not a match for the job"
- rejection is always tough to take
- yea. So I went back to the warehouse. They are working me to death, but it gets a bit easier every day. I have some knee pads I got at a yard sale, and they are good on that concrete floor
- The warehouse is all nuts and bolts. I have never known which is which, with regards to nuts and bolts. I just looked in the dictionary. I think the best way to remember is that a bolt of steel is like a bolt of lightning, or is shaped the same. Of course, this is different from a bolt of material, or bolt as in run. Another way to remember this is the U in nut is a receptacle for the bolt. Of course, a nut is o shaped, but o is in bolt.
One thing is certain. Bolt is the active, masculine form, while nut is the passive, feminine form. While nut as in peanut is arguably a feminine feature...a seed with a protective shell...a nut is a slang phrase for gonad, which is as male as it gets.
- so, it is this man from texas and a crew of temporaries. It is surprising how competent the temps are, myself included. You can learn the basics of this in about an hour, and then it is just repeat repeat repeat. Today it was myself, the texan, a latino, and two black men of uncertain orgin. I was assembling the units with the man ( Native born American, Caribbean, Africa...he speaks softly, without much of an accent), while the others bolt what we assemble onto the unit before it.
- gotta run. nice chatting with you


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